Dr. Pang makes going green at the dentist simple and painless

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For many, having a dental practice in the Sonoma Valley of California would be the apex of success.

But being forced to use San Francisco International Airport for frequent trips wasn’t exactly a dream come true for dentist, Dr. Peter Pang.

Dr. Pang and his practice manager/wife, Caroline Sweeney, who is Irish and still has much family on the western part of the Emerald Isle, were spending way too much time sitting in traffic and getting stuck with long airport layovers.

In addition to making regular trips to Ireland and Singapore (Dr. Pang’s dad is an immigrant from there), Dr. Pang and his wife teach other dentists around the United States and the world how to use lasers in dentistry. This education gig has caused the couple to accumulate frequent-flier mileage by the planeload and made confronting the realities at SFX a priority.

The pair knew they wanted an outdoors friendly climate and close proximately to quicker plane trips. They found the ideal spot in Asheville. After relocating there, Dr. Pang recognized the need to bring advanced dental techniques to the medium-sized city located a short drive from hiking at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, whitewater rafting, natural hot springs, numerous waterfalls, many swimming holes, and dozens of wineries, breweries, and pubs.

The couple found the Asheville Regional Airport, one of the fastest growing airports in the nation, lets them fly to Atlanta quickly and hop to other domestic stops and Europe without long layovers.

“The area was perfect for us,” Caroline Sweeney said. “My husband did his research and found Asheville wasn’t home to hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes, and it seemed like a good fit travel-wise. We began looking into selling our practice in the San Francisco area and began our search for dentists looking to sell practices in Asheville. When we found one that fit, we just did it.”

“There truly is something for everyone here,” Sweeney said.

Not content to rest on his good name, Dr. Pang quickly brought pioneering dental techniques to Asheville. He’s not critical of traditional techniques, his wife said, his practice just seeks to rid patients of the painful memories many people have of going to the dentist. Dr. Pang has been fast to help Asheville and neighboring residents get rid of mercury-laden amalgam fillings and implement environmentally friendly laser practices that protect not just the patient but everyone in the office. Another new technology Dr. Pang uses is laser scanners. He’s had them in his practice since 2001 and enjoys giving patients accurate, diagnostic details of their treatment plans or solving surgical challenges.

He was also the first in the city to offer the pin-hole gum-recession technique.

“He has always really wanted to help people, and he wants them to be comfortable so they’ll visit the dentist twice a year like they should, not twice in a lifetime,” Sweeney said. “We aren’t the least expensive practice in town, but we know people want their dental work to last a long time and Peter works to provide it. We don’t lecture people on prioritizing how they spend their money; we just offer ways to improve a person’s overall health by improving their oral health.”

What do the doctor and his wife do when they’re not at the office?

Living on a farm, the couple rescues horses. They currently have two rescued racehorses whom they’re sheltering, feeding, and loving.

Additionally, they sponsor fees and get involved with other rescue horses who are used for equine therapy to heal trauma. As supporters of Heart of Horse Sense, the couple help ensure that the nonprofit can continue to support equine therapy services for veterans, first responders, and at-risk youth.

And, they also sponsor adoption fees at the Asheville Humane Society to help dogs, cats, horses, and other barnyard pets find new homes and provide working cats with new homes such as barns or horse stables.

Let Dr. Pang and his skilled and friendly team at Asheville Holistic Dentist help erase the painful memories of dentists’ past and give patients a new start on better oral health – a sure-fire way to better overall health.



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